Spray home fragrance Lamaar Rasmi Khadlaj 300ml

  • Spray home fragrance Lamaar Rasmi Khadlaj 300ml

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  • The aquatic allure of marine notes blends seamlessly with the sharp, citrus scent of bergamot, bringing a whiff of the sea breeze into your space. Complementing this fresh start is elemi, an exotic resin with a fresh, savory, slightly lemony aroma that adds complexity and intrigue to the overall scent profile.

    At the heart of Rasmi air freshener is the elegance of lavender. Lavender, known for its calming properties, gives the scent a soothing, calm quality. Orris, derived from the root of the iris flower, provides a unique, subtle sweetness that comes in both powder and woody forms. The middle note is rounded off by cypress, a fragrance that provides a clean, sharp and slightly woody essence, further enhancing the depth of the aroma.

    As the fragrance's narrative develops, it settles into an earthy and luxurious base. The warmth of amber combines with the woodsy, slightly sweet scent of oakmoss to create a grounding base. The addition of Tonka beans, which have a pleasant scent of vanilla, almonds and cloves, add softness and depth to this complex blend.

    Rasmi air freshener offers a harmonious balance of unique scents that transport you to tranquil landscapes and ocean views. Use it in your home, office or any other space that can have an aura of freshness and calm. It's not just an air freshener - it's an invitation to experience everyday spaces in a completely new way.