Ur Way Intense (ARMANI My Way Intense) Arabic perfume

  • Ur Way Intense (ARMANI My Way Intense) Arabic perfume

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  • Breathe in the love of life and exclusivity with this luxurious perfume, infused with soft and bitter orange accords. Like the golden escape of the sun through the treetops, the top notes begin this fragrance with the softness of a charming orange blossom, creating a smooth and energetic shade.

    The fragrance continues into the middle notes, which dance at the heart of the enchanting Indian tuberose and its luxurious aroma combined with the earthy elegance of fragrant tuberose. These notes invite you to a journey through the forest of scents, where the delicate and attractive character of the perfume is revealed.

    And at the end, gently enveloping you, the base notes introduce luxurious vanilla, gently smiling and inviting you to unfold, together with the warm and calm power of sandalwood sounds. It is a harmony of scents that closely intertwines with the natural threads of your skin, giving a priceless feeling and luxury to your every move. This perfume is not just a scent, it's a way of life that symbolizes exclusivity and passion every day.

    Top notes are orange blossoms, bitter orange.

    Middle notes are Indian tuberose, fragrant tuberose.

    The main notes are vanilla, sandalwood.