Vertex (Roja Dove) Arabic perfume

  • Vertex (Roja Dove) Arabic perfume

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  • The first chords of this perfume inspire you with energy and freshness. The softness of orange, the sharpness of bergamot, the softness of mandarin and the freshness of lemon blend delicately, opening the way to a fragrant world of perfumes.

    The sweetness of pineapple, the delicacy of Cistus Incanus and the softness of jasmine flowers create the middle notes of the fragrances. These notes add a deeper and warm layer that invites you to explore the heart of the fragrance.

    At the heart of the perfume, a complex combination of various material elements is revealed. The freshness of cypress, the warmth of balsam, the gust of oakmoss and the fresh richness of patchouli become the most prominent. Leather and musk create a subtle combination, while tobacco and juniper berry incense add strength and mystery. Frankincense, cashmere wood, juniper berries, labdanum, sandalwood, elemi resin, amber, galbanum, rum, benzoin form a fragrance that subtly expresses warmth, deep-seated luxury and intense contemporary glamour.

    Top notes: orange, bergamot, mandarin, lemon.
    Middle notes: pineapple, Cistus Incanus, jasmine
    Base notes: cypress, balsam, oak moss, patchouli, leather, musk, tobacco, olibanum, cashmere wood, juniper berries, labdanum, sandalwood. Elemi resin, amber, galbanum, rum, benzoin