World fragrance Cherry Incense (Tom Ford Cherry Smoke) Arabic perfume

  • World fragrance Cherry Incense (Tom Ford Cherry Smoke) Arabic perfume

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  • Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the mysterious world of luxury men's fragrance. This fragrance opens the door to a mysterious and exclusive world of men's fragrances, which combines elegance, strength and mystery.

    The top notes open with shocking elegance, like the delicate smile of cherry blossoms blending with luxurious saffron. At first touch, these ingredients emit a rich yet subtle fragrance reminiscent of the mysterious evening light.

    The heart notes develop the luxury and glamor of the fragrance, revealing a deeper meaning. Leather, with its softness and strength, inspires your senses, inviting you on a mysterious and elegant journey. The soft scent of osmanthus adds delicacy and softness to the heart of this fragrance, creating the impression that time stands still.

    The base notes settle this olfactory symphony into more earthy and sophisticated realms. The delicacy of the wood balances the scent. It is a fragrance that seems to tell a story of luxury, strength and mystery, inviting your senses to a world of adventure and elegance.

    Top notes: cherries, saffron.

    Heart notes: leather, osmanthus.

    Base notes: wood, smoke.